Why Terakoya Community's Japanese online lesson?

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  • Experineced native certified Japanese teacher using English and Chinese

Student's voices

I had been trying to learn Japanese since I was about four years old with various programs and curriculums.

I never progressed to a level of understanding beyond a basic knowledge of certain nouns. 

Within the 20 weeks I worked with her, my comprehension of Japanese grew more than it had with ~13 years of independent study.

I absolutely recommend lessons with her.

She is kind, patient teacher

She is very kind. She tried to correct my mistake during lesson or in My story matrix and provide some sample/alternative words. Her feedback is quite useful.

She easily understood the level of each student in our class. She tried hard to pull everyone on same platform by making it easier for everyone to learn from each other and from her also.

She is very kind and patient, and remembered details about us from one class to the next. I think it was very thoughtful. I hope she can be my teacher again. All of her material was provided very shortly about the lesson under different formats, so it was very efficient and clear.

"She was nice and helped students with the occasional bit of English.

She was a great. Very pleasant and paid attention to details, took time to provide examples, and was also illustrating the nuances of the language.


  • Level : beginner~advanced
  • JLPT : N1-N5
  • Daily Japanese : For your goal
  • Business Japanese : For your goal
Let's speak Japanese!


Step 1
Apply for free trial lesson
I will suggest a plan formulated especially for you
Start a lesson
Achieve your goal with me


times(/ hour)fee
10 35,000yen(-)
20 68,000yen(3%off)
30 99,000yen(5%off)

Teacher's profile

  • Certified Japanese teacher
  • More than 6 years' experiences
  • Give online lessons to foreign employees from EY, Rakuten , Indeed etc. in a group or one-to-one basis
  • Give group and private lessons to various nationalities at 4 Japanese language schools in Shanghai using English and Chinese
  • Introduce not only Japanese language but also Japanese culture and history as certified national tour guide
  • Teach Japanese in both the direct method and the indirect method from children to adults